Monday, February 16, 2009

Who thought this was a good idea??

Danger! Danger! Falling boombox!!

Mark Dal Pra [my friend AND personal carpenter]

Mark has been busy building the Kokorokoko fixtures which look great--but I feel bad keeping him away from his artwork which are these amazing deer! They move along a slot-car-like track that is electrified. Mark built it all out of wood and carved these beautiful delicate deer that are surprisingly realistic looking when running. What a dream!!


Kristen and I went to the Occult bookstore the other day. I am not really into READING as many of you know, but they do have a lot of cool stuff to look at...rare manuscripts, dope jewelry made of bones and a really nice dude wearing a skirt who works there. Their website make the place look a lot more spooky that it actually is check it owwwww.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign Blog--Where Phelps At?!

I think this place is closed. Possibly due to it's most famous customer...

Yeah it's cold

I saw this car buried in ice on the way home last night. Damn!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sign Blog--Inspired by Prince

I like that the way that texting has caused us all to spell like Prince. This store is right next to the "99 Problems" store. I think it is an "adult" store. Speaking of adult stores--check THIS ONE OUT!!!

Style Blog--Lace it up!

Thank you Carolyn for taking this amazing picture of an employee at Mood Fabrics in NYC. He looks like a wise old...acrobat? Not sure, but it's working!

The Flower Place Inc.

There are some AMAZING flower headdresses on this website. I found this photo when googling "Dr. Zhivago". I did not even know that these types of floral freakouts existed! Scroll down to see one-woman parade floats in movie themes. Whaaaaa?
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