Thursday, January 31, 2008

A-Din-Dubble, Y'all

Devin and I are geniuses! We came up with a fabulous new cartoon character--a kind of thinking man's Heathcliff, if you will--and I think you will!
His name is Burberry and he is a homosensual cat who lives in relative peace and oblivion until his owner goes away on short vacation leaving him to fend for himself. After being turned away at the DMV our hero has a realization--HE IS A CAT! He can't drive a CAR! DUH! Riding the bus home Burberry vocalizes in a rare moment of televised feline self-actualization: "A-Din-Dubble Ya'll" (his sassy and meaningless catch phrase). Burberry emerges from the bus at the end of the first episode a kool and konfident kitty with a a whole city to explore--WITH YOU!!!

Ebay Photo of the Day (idea stolen from Brittany)

OK this looks like a friggin Russian mail-order bride who looks great on paper but when she finally arrives on your doorstep you realize she is a mannequin!!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I think this guy (or one of his close associates) also made a awful video which--can be found here.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Donut Art

This was the beautiful table display at the Orleans Market today. Apparently they are "Special" Donuts (according to the sign)

Lovemeloveme on YouTube!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Style Blog!! '08!!

WHAT! When your "sox" have a safety pin earring and and are rocking the punk/
native American/ eccentric
British look of Jane Child YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR ANYTHING ELSE.

Deep Freeze

Here is a picture of the ice on the river from today. It is pretty but, God, I can't wait for the summer. That is all. I'll stop talking about it....


Can you see this? It is so messed up. It is a poster in the window of a clothing store near my house. It is for a school uniform company called "French Toast". I guess they thought this girl was a good model for a school uniform company. I guess they didn't realize that it looks like she is posing for some sort of kiddy porn. I love it and I love to hate it. Every time I walk by it I laugh and then cry. So happy to get to share it with you.

Sign Blog '08!!!

Not really a sign, but a group of tiles--some are 3-D. On North Wells I think.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Amazing Picture of Ross Kelly #3,4,5,6 PLUS Devin looking like a poetry teacher beachcomber douchebag (no offense Devin)


So this guy created a TRON suit.

"Don't worry Richard! I'm a pilot"

Not Smoking

Can I just say how happy I am that the smoking ban is on. All my favorite places to hang out are now 10 times better! Yes!
What a delight.
Also here is a picture of a guy I'm working with who has a "no smoking" sign tattooed on his arm. Un-real. I would love it if he committed a crime and then was on America's most wanted and they were like "he's about six two and has a no smoking sign tattoo"/

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jam on it!

What the L is this?
That is all I ask.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Xenobia Bailey

This woman is amazing look at her unbelievable crochet hats. They are INSANE. It's weird because when I was about 10 years old I saw some of her work in Elle magazine. I cut the picture out and had it on my wall growing up. Then recently when I was trying to find out who did the wardrobe for the Cosby show I found mention of her (Denise wore her designs on the show but I couldn't find any pics).
This woman clearly rules.

Amazing Picture of Ross Kelly #2

I think he's the pizza man.

Sign Blog '08!!!

Another great sign in Chicago.
Love everything about it.
Saw it on the way to a new store in Pilsen


Just got drunk with Raashid at this frat boy Mexican
place on Belmont--here is the
beautiful mural in the foyer.

Monday, January 21, 2008

How Long? Not Long!

Link to MLK on the web. His positivity is so inspiring today! Take a minute to hear him speak again! Remember the dream today and every day!!!!

Brenda's Back

Many of you know of my small obsession with Brenda Dickson for those of you who care here is ANOTHER AMAZING BRENDA UPDATE from the woman herself.
Ch ch check it.
(thanks to Kendra for the link!!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics

That's right. There is a sports website for me! I was chatting with Shawn about how I really only care about sports team's logos and colors and root for them based on that. Like the White Sox are way better than the Cubs because the Cubs have a weak logo and the Sox have black and white as their colors and a rad font. Anyway, Shawn sent me this site which is unbelievable! I really like this article which has a lot of links to pictures and funny observations about basketball players' clothing. Awesome.

Long Haaaaaaaahhh

So I get a myspace friend request from a woman who is a real estate agent in Missouri. Whatever. But in her pics is one "DJ David Lee"
I believe it is a vision of what Ross would've looked like if he had let his locks grow long...and lovely.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Landlord

My landlord rules. For many reasons. One of which is he just made a sculpture based on this picture.

Here is a link to his website where there is an idea of the style he uses.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


...Stands for Left OutSide Tonight. My newest favorite hat bought at Bananas in Gloucester Mass just weeks ago. Left it in a cab tonight...There will be more things to love in the future I'm sure. Right now I wish I had my hat!!

Dr. Rachael Ross

I love it. The internet. It is just fine!
Moments ago I was watching my usual evening fare "Fox News at 10". There was a segment on Gary Indiana and how it was ranked the least healthy place in the US. Freaky. I guess there is a lot of breast cancer and smoking and depression. And smokestacks, they kept showing smokestacks. Anywhoozle, they interviewed an expert doctor from Gary named Dr. Rachael Ross. She ruled! I quickly looked her up on the internet, and found that she is a "...sexologist physician and DJ." !!
Here is a video link. Which totally reminds me of Lionel Osborne on SNL.
Can't wait to see her play in Chicago where she apparently "maintain(s) a connection with the audience that is in most need of her message of promoting healthy, self-affirming sex and sexuality."

Then THIS came on. Watch it if yr bored. Slow to start

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ok this is great right? Well let me tell you a story I was reminded of today that led to the google search "tiger woman" which produced this image...
When I was in 4th grade we were asked to do a creative reading project where we made a giant mask of a character from a book we had read. I stared making my mask and got really into it and made a woman's face with a lot of blue eyeshadow (an obsession of mine--it was 1987) and a bunch of whiskers. Then I added a sticker of a tiger on the cheek and made "real" earrings that I stuck through the construction paper ears. She looked great. Then my classmate asked who it was. Shit, I thought--I didn't know. I had just made her up.
So I continued making her, a book title, and an author up. Then later when I had to fill out a worksheet about the book I made up a publisher and copyright date. Awesome. I called her "Tigergirl" the star of a book by the same title. She was an acrobat. A freak acrobat. She was a girl, but she was allowed to wear blue eyeshadow up to her brows and awesome dangley earrings. Anyway, this is the picture that came up when I googled "tiger woman". Then I realized it was tigerGIRL I should be looking up and THIS is what I found!!

Unreal. What do you think she sees in there? I would like to imagine her vision is a beautiful future world where man, woman and animal live in love and harmony.

Malcolm X glasses

So here is me in my new glasses. I think they make me look smart AND funny (finally!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cool Caskets, Loyal Heat

Today Shannon and I traveled to one "Loyal Casket Company" to pick up...a casket. No one died...we just needed it for a photo--you know how those things go. Anyway I bet you're wondering what kind of person might work at a casket company. Well, it's a man named Tony who offers any visitor a Pepsi, coffee or sweetroll; a man who inhales so much casket paint that his eyes are slightly crossed; a man who was really nice and acts like it's no big deal he spends his days baking caskets like Maaco and calling Dunkin's Dounuts "sweetrolls". He was pretty cool.

Here is just one of many amazing signs in Chicago. This one on Montrose. Abby and I saw it on the way back from the sauna, it was appropriate for our day. And an awesome new attitude.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

freaky sunglasses

The story goes I was walking in Soho with Tyrone and was enticed to buy a pair of "hand painted" sunglasses from this snarky dude on the street. He was hustling me so bad, getting his facts screwed up and basically playing the fool so I would buy his "Genuine Imitation Gazelles" (hA!)that he had flaired up with some wack paint job.

Living the fantasy

Here is someone who is not invited to our party (see Brittany's Blog) because he is already living the fantasy.

Ross' Haircut

So Ross pulled a Brittany when we got home the other night. took me some getting used to, but here we are last night and he looks cute and yes, a still a little like Phillip Bloch

Last Night

Check out this awesome dude, playing the drum a the bhangra night at a club down the street from us. There was also a virtual stripper on the video screen which for some reason made me not want to dance at all but the music was awesome and I had had about 7 drinks so I did. Woooooooo!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

There is nothing better than a good collection of ALL SEEING EYES!!!!

Fade To Grey


This guy Ruuules

So my landlord just took me and Ross to this place Union League Club. It is a real old school "men's club" . It was great. But the best part is they had some artwork (a friggin hologram of a Egyptian sphinx. What!) by Ed Paschke. Check out his website

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ladies Love Cool James

So I wore an LL Cool J pin yesterday and today. Since then I have met a man who works at Starbucks right here in Chicago who claims to also be an L.L. James. His coworker also confided that Mr. L.L. "...flexes and thinks he is the real LL!" Too bad he is a fat white dude.

Amazing Picture of Ross Kelly #1

This is just the beginning of the amazing pictures of Ross Kelly series. Get excited.

Style Blog!! 07!!

Dudes I hope you can see this guy in this tiny picture. I went to a fashion trade show and this was the only guy who showed up dressed to show. He got it goin ON!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Ok so when I was 18 I visited Russia through an exchange program. While I was there I went to the "black market" which is just the same as an outdoor market. I bought a bottle of Vodka, a carton of cigarettes (for 8 dollars!) and several cassette tapes. One of them was by a group called Ivanushki International. Here is a website that came up when I googled them:

20th Century Super Icon

Ok so we went to see "Lagerfeld Confidential"
Not what I had hoped but still wonderful to see his private shit like 10 million rings and starched collars and ipods and he was so much smarter than the dude who made the movie. You don't see him eating but you DO see him drinking Pepsi Max or whatever soda brand he is endorsing now. Well anyway. Here is a picture Ross made of Lagerfeld with some guitars.
I love it.

Kristen Lombardi

It's no secret that she rules. Just check out Manimal!
Here she is chillin in Vagas with some hot chicks we met. what!

Handmade Shooz

So I love this shoe and bag brand from London called "Enshallah" i think they changed their name to Soukwear but I like Enshallah better and that is the name on the website anyway
The site is so poorly designed, but the shoes are dope
here is the pair I have

Believe it if you can

What is better than a really rad children's drawing? A three dimensional children's drawing!
My friend Kendra got me one of these amazing things and now I want to collect them all!!
Look at the site!

by them at the African toy shop!!
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